Debt ServicesKPM Financial advises 501(c)(3) borrowers on the most cost-effective, yet risk-appropriate, solutions for issuing debt to finance capital projects. Since 2008, the capital markets have gone through several changes.  The experts at KPM have been monitoring these changes proactively, ensuring our customers receive the precision and flexibility they need for effective debt financing.

What You’re Used To Hearing

Borrowers are bombarded by various institutions offering:

  • Publicly offered fixed rate bonds (with or without a rating and/or insurance)
  • Letters of credit to wrap publicly sold Variable Rate Demand Bonds (“VRDBs”)
  • Non-bank qualified tax-exempt bank loans
  • Bank qualified tax-exempt bank loans
  • Taxable bank loans
  • Derivatives transactions

How We Can Help

KPM works with the management, finance committees, and boards of 501(c)(3) borrowers to analyze the myriad financing alternatives currently available. Once an appropriate solution has been selected, KPM will negotiate with a lender of the borrower’s choosing or generate and distribute a Request for Proposal (“RFP”) to find an appropriate financing partner. In either case, KPM will assist in negotiating:

  • Fees
  • Terms & Covenants
  • Documents
  • Financing timeline