“I have been involved in financing transactions—simple and complex—for over 30 years, as bank counsel, as borrower’s and issuer’s counsel, as an individual borrower, and as an officer and board member of a not-for-profit corporation obtaining tax-exempt financing. I’ve never worked with anyone better than Jay.  Jay explained everything thoroughly, answered every question we had, negotiated the documents for us (including documents that we were told were “non-negotiable), and even helped us get a better financing rate.  Jay got up to speed immediately; was always there when we needed him; demonstrated complete mastery of the subject matter, documents and procedures; and handled the entire transaction with the utmost in professionalism and good nature.  Based on what we received in return, the fee we paid to KPM Financial was probably the best money we ever spent.
Mark S. Anderson
Finance Secretary and Chairman of the Finance Committee, Science and Arts Academy, Des Plaines, Illinois

“Having developed and invested in commercial real estate for three generations, we have executed numerous swaps with numerous banks to hedge our debt financing. Once we began working with Bryan, we became more aware of the flexibility banks have in negotiating ISDA documents, terms, and pricing. With Bryan’s help, we now manage our swap portfolio more opportunistically and have significantly reduced our debt cost in volatile markets.”
Jeff Rosenberg
Principal, PEBB Enterprises

“I met Bryan while employed as Finance Director of a large county in North Carolina. We hired Bryan to help us analyze, monitor, and manage a large derivatives portfolio. Bryan has the unique ability to simplify complex financing transactions. His insight into the derivatives market helped us novate six of our swaps to higher rated counterparties at no cost to the county and the reporting assistance he provided at year-end really lightened the burden for our accounting staff.”
David Cannon
Vice Chancellor, Finance and Data Management, Ohio Board of Regents

“We had an asset that was financed at an above market rate with no ability to refinance. Over the past several years, Bryan has presented cost-saving derivative solutions to help manage, diversify, and reduce our overall debt costs. His insight into the derivatives market has been a valuable asset to our organization.”
Mike Hambleton
President, Urban Campus Environments

“Interest rates had decreased significantly since we executed a swap on one of our assets. Bryan presented us with a strategy that would lengthen our interest rate protection while decreasing our rate. The pricing we were getting from our current bank precluded us from executing the strategy directly with them. Bryan helped introduce a new banking relationship and was able to get us aggressive pricing on a solution that decreased our overall cost of debt for the next several years.”
Alan Cornell
Manager, NSHE Antiock, LLC