Joe* is a real estate developer in Florida. We helped Joe save millions of dollars. Here’s how.

* Joe is not his real name.

When Joe called us in 2010 he was at the mercy of the banks (not a good place to be).

He had taken out several large commercial loans with several different banks and was using interest rate swaps to hedge his interest rate risk. He assumed the swap rate “is what it is” and was blindly taking the banks’ pricing on each deal.

Enter KPM Financial. We stepped in to negotiate documents and rates, earning significant savings. As in, millions of dollars. We have worked with them on numerous deals every year since then. Now they don’t even say the word “swap” without calling us.

Throughout the relationship Joe has gained a much better understanding of the derivatives market. He’s much more thoughtful about how he analyzes his business and how interest rates impact decision-making.