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KPM Financial was founded with the goal of bringing transparency to some of the most complex and opaque sectors of the capital markets. We utilize real time market data, complex modeling capability, and extensive industry relationships to structure, price, monitor, and execute financial solutions that are tailored to each client and their unique needs.

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Debt ServicesDebt Advisory Services
Since 2008, the capital markets have gone through several changes.  KPM Financial advises 501(c)(3) borrowers on the most cost-effective, yet risk-appropriate, solutions for issuing debt to finance capital projects.
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Escrow Bidding
When tax-exempt borrowers elect to refund callable fixed rate bonds prior to their scheduled call dates – known as an advance refunding – there are critical factors the borrower should consider.
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Learn More About KPM Dodd-Frank Compliance, QIR and Designated Agent ServicesDodd-Frank Compliance Services
KPM Financial has the appropriate policies and procedures in place to act as a Qualified Independent Representative (QIR) for Special Entities and a Designated Evaluation Agent for non-Special Entities.
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Derivatives Advisory Services
KPM Financial works closely with its clients to ensure that there is complete transparency through the entire process of executing a derivative solution.
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Hedge Accounting Advisory Services
KPM Financial can ease the burden of new rules like ASC 815 and ASC 820 by completing the necessary due diligence required to meet hedge accounting standards.
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Free Evaluation for Dodd-Frank Compliance, Debt Services and MoreFree Evaluation
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